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Original soundtrack by Jonathan Bar Giora

French Horn - Ifat Zur

Trumpet - Adam Madar

Saxophone - Eri Daniel Erlich

Guitars Piano and keyboards - Jonathan Bar Giora

Full tracks are available upon purchase

All profits from buying this album tracks will be donated to promote research in the field of cultured meat. (Courtesy of Jonathan Bar Giora)

"In my career as a film composer I've encountered many directors whose personal involvement and complete identification with their film subjects were extra ordinary – but nothing prepared me to my first conversation with Eri Daniel Erlich.

"I really like your music", he said," and would very much like you to compose my film – but on one condition:  you may not use any musical instruments that are made of animal parts in this score".

I said "sure, but I may need some help here, since I am not 100% sure just what every instrument is made of.."

He gave me the full lecture, and we started working. 

So, I can honestly promise you all – no animal was hurt during the scoring of the film ☺


Musical moments of interest to look for in the movie (after watching it once as a whole!):

The overly sweet "classical" piano pieces heard at the reception desk where Ohad works ("Day job 1-2-3" on the soundtrack). They are all imaginary. There was no actual radio playing there when the scenes were shot – I made it all up to emphasize the contrast between the horrifying world of Ohad– and the "clean" world outside.


Dead Cows – (starts at 24:30). This musical cue, and the almost complete mute of the field recording underneath (thanks to the magnificent sound design of my dear friend Aviv Aldema) – pays a huge homage to the ending scene of "Zabriskie Point" by Antonioni, with the flying pieces of meat and the creepy soft music of the Pink Floyd.


I am very proud to be a part of this strong film, and happy to donate the proceedings of this soundtrack to any cause the fine honest people who made it choose to support."


Jonathan Bar Giora

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