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“A film which brings to the screen a rich and vivid cast of characters, full of life, quirks and lots of love. The film counteracts the complex, touching protagonist burdened by passionate idealism, with unexpected humor and confident storytelling.”  Docaviv 2014 Juries


"'Life According to Ohad' is the beautiful and moving Israeli documentary which the director Eri Daniel Erlich leads us in the world of the main character with, making us look at things with an original perspective."


"The cinematography isn’t high tech or glossy but simple and intimate. It is packaged in the original documentary form: just a camera, a man and some mics. Eri forces the audience to clearly see Ohad’s raw emotion and the crisp innocence of the animals with tight, clear close-ups."  VOX Magazine


"Ohad is a very interesting character"  KBIA radio


"The film send a strong message about activism, family, and fighting for what you believe in."


"WINNER For the Special Mention prize for its originality and avant-garde filming and its raw, unconventional treatment of a compelling character, complex issues, and extraordinary circumstances." CinemAmbiente 2015 Juries


"AN AMAZING MOVIE... I loved it!"  Jane Velez-Mitchell

״יצירת קולנוע תיעודי מזהירה. לא להחמיץ״ יאיר לב
״שווה לראות״ שלמה נתיב (מעריב סופ״ש)
״קשה לראות, קשה לא לראות״ גילי איזיקוביץ (הארץ - גלריה)
״סרט חשוב ומרגש״ מיקי חיימוביץ׳
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